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This is a story about 5 young entrepreneurs from Copenhagen with something completely new and different in mind. A social platform which isn’t involving endless streams of commenting, judging, liking, disliking or in fact sitting with your nose deep buried in the phone. Sounds like something for you? Then let’s look at the specifics.


They are creating a search engine for events with the purpose of bringing people together. So if you’re looking for a new gold partner or just wanna play some ball in the park, this is where it all starts. Like Google Maps you’ll have a complete overview of everything going on in your neighborhood or the city you just arrived in. It’s an open platform where anyone can host anything anywhere, and it’s up to the host if an event is open to the public, private or even secret. The team behind has developed an algorithm that among other things, will highlight your favourite events, so you never miss an opportunity. If you’re only interested in sporting events, you simply put that in the smart filter and your next match is only one click away.

IUSO - Never Bored Again


A social platform like you've never seen it before.

Their first step is launching the app on the crowdfunding page Kickstarter, where they welcome anyone to join their community and help make IUSO available as fast as possible. But is doesn’t end here, the team of 5 guys have big plans for IUSO, introducing IUSO Avatar. A gaming feature based on an algorithm with more than 12 billion combinations that allows everyone to have their own personal avatar.

The idea is to evolve through the game whilst using IUSO for events in real life. They’re also introducing IUSO business, which opens a world of opportunities for both in game and real life prizes and benefits. Much more on this inside their Kickstarter project that launches the 1st of February. Reaching their goal on Kickstarter will allow them to develop IUSO which is set to launch a website and an app for android and iOS in may 2017.

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